A Lifelong Quest

On this day one year ago, I was living in Beijing. At the tail end of my Asian adventure, I was determined to turn my life upside down (or right side up?) once more, and return home. February 2013, I returned to the United States after spending almost seven years as a successful expat. I spent the next seven months unemployed and living with my parents. Then I turned 30.

Through a series of seemingly random events, I ended up selling Porsches for about three months. With a MA, a background in academia and government, this was everything I'd never wanted.

I applied for hundreds of jobs, all of them in DC or Texas. Apparently, this was not my time, or, perhaps, not even what I really wanted. The more job descriptions I read, the more I realized how much I didn't want to push paper, log hours, or do anything remotely conformist. I've spent most of my life searching for the next adventure, the next challenge, living life with a freedom, passion and zest the MidWest does its very best to snuff out.

As one might guess, I had a lot of free time over the summer to reflect. Cue yet another existential crises and a close analysis of all my life choices. What brought me back? What do I really want to do?

Take over the world. I've had a yearning and been on a hunt for power, most of my life. Learning the definition of what exactly this means, has brought me to this point.

This website, originally intended as part of my personal marketing for selling German cars, is not about vehicles (I quit). Although it is about moving forward. Paul Walker died in the same model Porsche that I spun out in off a racetrack in Michigan. It wasn't quite as near death as the time I was t-boned by a car on a motorbike in Beijing (a bus slamming to a stop on the other side of my head), but the whole experience, this whole year of transition, not dying, not getting the jobs I applied for ... made me reflect on what I've been doing all along.

Nogglization. It's a personal philosophy, a metaphysical study of sorts and an ongoing process. A movement, nowhere near fully defined. Three decades on this planet, and I'm still trying to figure it out.

This is a beginning. 2014 lies ahead in all its entirety, full of possibilities and new discoveries, more surprises and new adventures. I, will carry on, trying to take over the world in my own way. As James Franco so clearly lays out, "attention is power." I'm looking forward to see how my global domination through Nogglization will unfold.

"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." - Sir Winston Churchill

(Note: 2014 is starting off brilliantly as I am not unemployed, not living with my parents, and not selling cars.)