Perversely Delicious Irony

We've been given the green light. It's on the way to the printer.  A strong case for situational irony is in full progress. The Porsche building where I briefly worked (3 months) was recently renovated. Ten months later, I collaborated on a commissioned art piece to hang on the wall.

T took the photos, and I created the "look." Our signature, "Noggz & Frantz," will appear on the corner of the 12 foot collage.

When I came home from China, the last thing in the world I thought I'd do was sell German luxury cars.  Although I never would have guessed my art would hang in this city, much less a former workplace, it somehow feels alright.

Keep those curve balls coming life, glad I could leave my mark on the Fort.

Ways to Go

"Irony is the hygiene of the mind."
- Elizabeth Bibesco