Space is all around us, all kinds. When personal and social space become too intense or muddled for clarity of thought, I often find myself spacing out, musing the multiverse and star gazing. To infinity, and beyond, there are no limits in space, and that's part of the deepest attraction. The final wild frontier, where anything can happen, what must it be like? Hello? Is there anybody out there?

One of the main ways we breech the space between is sound. Recently Voyager 1 sent back a soundbite from interstellar space.  The eerie and distant whistle, billions of miles away, beyond our solar bubble was not much, but it was a beginning. This marks humanity's first foray into the deepest regions of the outer limits.

What is it to experience true space? I've often wondered, and until I can book my ticket on Virgin Galactic to experience low earth orbit for myself, the next best thing is an audio trip. As a nerd to the nth degree, I love podcasts, and Radiolab's Dark Side of the Earth is one of my all time favorites. I strongly encourage all to listen, turn off the lights, and relax. Let the words and astronaut Dave Wolf paint for you a picture of life outside our globe.